I am the Creative Director of JAX Branding and also an ex-footballer.

Design is my great passion. I graduated with a Master's degree in Graphic Design from Manchester School of Arts and have over 10 years of experience solving business problems using creative thinking.

When it comes to football, you won't find my name in the newspapers because I played in lower leagues. Still, the winning mentality I have learned as a player helps me a lot in my daily life. Discipline, Consistency, Teamwork, Respect, and Giving Back to Community are some of the core values I live by.

I worked on great projects as part of the team, including jobs for Manchester United, Manchester City and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation. These experiences have given me a good understanding of the football industry and business.


During your football career, a lot can happen. Injuries, the manager not relying on you, family problems, the club doesn't recognise you financially, the fans want to see you more often. Sound familiar?

The sports career is short and intense. It's a fact. When you are not playing and training, it certainly crosses your mind, what to do next ... What will I do when I cannot play anymore? What can I do for my family's future? What about children, grandchildren?

This is where I can step in. Having been in this situation myself, I understand players who want to set up new businesses but need to develop their brand. With my knowledge and experience, I can provide you with the perfect image that your business can benefit from.

If you are interested in talking about building your brand, simply book a call today!



Business is like football. You need goals to win! If you know how to get into the penalty area, you can score.

Here’s our game plan.


Pre-season. Let’s uncover who are your fans, the opponents, the business goals you want to hit and strategies to win.


Game preparation. We turn the strategy into actionable tactics, clear vision and values that people want to share and follow.


Kick-off! We’re taking all the factors into account and transform them into a successful visual identity. The first impression, the style and the experience that builds customer loyalty and win trophies.

JAX Branding