Star House Development​

Property planning focused on you.​

Many footballers decide to invest in real estate. Star House Development is an example of a brand that I created from scratch to show you how you can get into Property Development.

Buying a property is one of the most complicated processes for most people. While working on the Star House Development concept, I focused on keeping the message simple and honest. Moving to a new home should be an exciting and confident decision. Trust plays the most significant role in Real Estate.

My strategy for creating this brand was to project confidence and simplicity. Both achieved from professional logo design, messaging, business stationery and digital design.

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Business is like football. You need goals to win! If you know how to get into the penalty area, you can score.

Here’s our game plan.


Pre-season. Let’s uncover who are your fans, the opponents, the business goals you want to hit and strategies to win.


Game preparation. We turn the strategy into actionable tactics, clear vision and values that people want to share and follow.


Kick-off! We’re taking all the factors into account and transform them into a successful visual identity. The first impression, the style and the experience that builds customer loyalty and win trophies.


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