Changing Lives

When we began our work with charities, we had no idea what we were getting into.

There was no way for us to know how much of a difference we’d make in the lives of so many people, and there was no way for us to know how big of an impact we’d have on the world.

We couldn’t have known that we’d grow to love this work, and continue to do it even when it became more challenging than we could have imagined.

We’ve built brands and helped them grow, but this?

This is something else entirely.

Changing lives by giving

There are many ways to empower people, but only one way to change the world: through giving. That's what life should be all about.

Many of us can see what the world's biggest problems are - poverty, disease, hunger. These things are not rocket science, and they don't take a PhD to solve. They take people willing to do something about them. And every year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world make a difference by volunteering their time, resources and talent to organisations that tackle these problems.

Our mission is to inspire people to improve lives around the world through football, one person at a time. That's why we are partnering with organisations committed to fight for social and human rights. We're giving back to communities through our partnerships with heroic organisations that use football as a catalyst for change, helping them provide positive experiences for kids and adults.

To show our commitment and gratitude, JAX Branding carefully selects partners to support. We assist organisations that share our values to use the power of football for the greater good.

Changing lives with Juan Mata and Common Goal

We are proud to team up with Juan Mata and his Common Goal movement to advance the United Nations Global Goals.

Goal 3 Good Health and Well-being
Goal 4 Quality Education
Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities
Goal 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Juan Mata is changing lives with his Common Goal movement

Changing lives with Jakub Blaszczykowski and Ludzki Gest

Children are our future in every area of ​​life, including football. Helping the next generation is something Jakub Blaszczyowski has been doing for years. We are with him on this mission, supporting his organisation 'Ludzki Gest'. You may know 'Kuba' as a legend of Borussia Dortmund and the Polish national team.

For us, he is an even greater hero off the pitch, changing the lives of young people.

Jakub Blaszczykowski is changing lives with his foundation Ludzki Gest

Changing lives - The JAX Branding Way

In addition to supporting other charities, we at JAX Branding dedicate a percentage of income from each project to a child with a severe illness to help them find the right treatment. When we see someone in need, it's important that we come together to give them the resources they deserve. Sometimes, simply by choosing the right Creative Agency, you can put that child on their way to a better life.

Nothing brings people together like a shared passion. We believe that football can be more than just a game. It gives us a bond and brings us together. It can encourage friendship, fair play and help children grow into well-rounded members of society. Football brings joy, and we pass it on to those most in need.Football has always been a part of our lives, but we’ve never felt like it’s been all that we are. We use creativity in our own way to change the world for the better.

When you invest in our services, it is more than a transaction. It is an opportunity to do good and be part of a life-changing global project. Help us create more opportunities to give.

We all love the beautiful game, and you have to have the heart to make this game beautiful.

Let's get the ball rolling.​​

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