The Football Manifesto

We believe that football brings people together, no matter their age, nationality, or race. We live in the moment; one goal, one team. Designing for the football industry means being part of a game that requires constant improvement and the understanding of emotions. We exist to inspire through our projects and to be inspired by our clients.

Setting Business goals for footbballers

We partner up with brands that commit to continuous learning and are brave enough to take risks and make lasting changes. Football has the power to impact the world positively, and we are a part of this movement. We support sports charities and players who seek to create social and environmental sustainability. We are common sense creatives that shoot for the stars and have our feet on the ground.

We smile a lot and enjoy football, a game that excites generations. We stay healthy and stay active to stay ahead of the game. We listen and communicate with empathy. We seek different perspectives, and we look for the new.

We invest time and energy in mastering our craft. We believe in daily habits, routines and ways to improve lives. We are thought challengers and innovation champions. We work for a happier, healthier tomorrow.

We are open and transparent. We believe in camaraderie and offering high value to provide people with tools and assets to build thriving organisations. We believe in meaningful branding with a unique story to tell. We are here to support you on your journey.

The Team of 11 Values

1. Health over Profit

We will encourage a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships with our clients.

2. More Love, Zero Hate.

We will play fair and treat each other with respect. We will fight any hate crime.

3. Happiness for you and us.

We will keep enjoying what we do and have a good work-life balance. We will turn projects into a game whenever possible to make them fascinating and thought-provoking.

4. Abundant Living

We will be generous with our offering and our mindset. There is enough for everyone.

5. Shared Purpose

We will add meaning to every project and be driven by it.

6. Goal scoring

We will dream, set goals high and be accountable for each other.

7. Commitment to Overrun

We will go the extra mile and play the extra time for each other.

8. Open Mindedness

We may not have all the answers right away, but we are determined to find them.

9. Becoming a Team

We will work as a team in a transparent, collaborative process.

10. Winning

We will define what success is for you and help you get there.

11. Creating Wealth

We will be profitable and make sure your business is in the best position to make money.

JAX Branding’s Credo

We believe in the power of football. Our first commitment is to the players, agents, coaches, sporting directors, and the whole football industry. We must always maintain our value-first approach and offer the best possible quality of service. Our clients must be put in a position to achieve their dreams and goals.

Fans and their relationship to the football clubs

We take 100% responsibility for our people, collaborators, partners and suppliers. Our job is to protect our team and create a friendly and safe work environment where people can express themselves and reach their potential. We acknowledge great ideas and give credit where credit is due. We build respect autonomy. The mental and physical health of our employees and their families always comes first. We promote a healthy lifestyle and gamify work whenever possible. We invest in development programs to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

We are committed to the football fans, communities, and sports charities that we work with. We support good causes and donate a percentage of our earnings to make a positive social and environmental impact in the world. We make sure to educate, inspire, and entertain people who engage with our brand. Our personal and professional relationships are built on trust.

Our final commitment is to ourselves to stay creative, innovative, and profitable. We must come up with fresh ideas and challenge these ideas. Our projects are based on comprehensive research, intuition, common sense, and honesty. We experiment with art, technology, and science and are ready to make mistakes and pay for them. This is our way to grow as people and as a business. We must maintain healthy finances and create reserves. Our investments must be thoughtful to maximise opportunities and provide our people with the best tools to develop new and existing products and services.

A Common Sense Creative for the Football Industry

Meet the owner – Jack Bies.


Football Industry

Born and raised in Poland, Jack was 9 when he took his first steps in football – something that continues to be a great passion in his life to this day. Playing at a semi-professional level, earning money doing what he loved was a real privilege.

Creative Industry

Since retiring from football, Jack has focused on developing his passion for design and business. After graduating from the National Louis University Business School, he moved to England, the homeland of football, and received a Master’s Degree from the Manchester School of Art.

Jack then embarked on a creative career in the printing industry, which allowed him to learn the craft inside and out and work on projects for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Manchester United, Manchester City as well as Premier League players.​


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