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About the Brand

The Leaders Advisory is a unique high-performance consultancy that provides game-changing tools for self-aware leaders worldwide wanting to improve productivity and dynamics in their teams.

Google his name, and you’ll find out that the founder, Tony Walmsley, has worked with football clubs all over the globe in senior positions – including Head Coach. But, most importantly, he’s a truly good person who understands life.

Services provided:

Brand Workshop
Creative Direction
Digital Consultancy
Presentation Design
Logo Design
Graphic Design
Web Design


Business Brand Design
Business Branding
Football Branding
Business Design
Football Design
High Performance Consultancy

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The Challenge

With the popularity of high performance coaching these days, it was crucial to make The Leaders Advisory brand truly unique. The concepts and psychological methods used in Tony’s work required a simple and clear message that is relatable and easy to digest. Moving from the footballing world into the business arena was the area on which we focused the most. Bringing the best of these two worlds together is what differentiates The Leaders Advisory from any other consultancy out there.


Our team developed a brand strategy and long-term plan for scaling the business. This included an ideal client persona profile, brand attributes, messaging and a visual identity including a logo design and a new website with full copywriting.

Scope of the Project

Brand Workshop
Mission, Vision, Core Values
Customer Journey
Brand Messaging
Visual Identity
Logo Design
Website Design
Website Copy


From the first meetings with Tony, we knew that we were dealing with something special. While working on the business branding: strategy, logo, brand messaging, and website, we paid close attention to football leadership, translating its teachings into the complexity of team management.

The New

We named the logo concept the ‘Diamond Maze’ to reflect The Leaders Advisory’s fundamentals. Sometimes you find yourself in situations that seem impossible to get out of. The company’s logo is a metaphor for this, but it also communicates that there is always a way out of every situation you will face. The colour palette and brand assets communicate trust, knowledge, and rich experience.


We interviewed Tony Walmsley to get a better understanding of his vision and how it has led to the creation of the Leaders Advisory.

Client testimonial


The Story

When the Leaders Advisory (TLA) contacted us looking to rebrand, we were thrilled to get to work! Our Creative Director, Jack Bies, met with the founders and facilitated one of the first remote brand workshops during the pandemic. From there, we worked together to create business branding that would help the Leaders Advisory stand out even more in the crowded field of performance coaching.

Mission Statement

We believe everyone is unique, and understanding what makes you and others tick is what will ultimately define you as a leader and team player.

Vision Statement

To inspire world class leaders who influence perfromance.

Core Values

Assured – We assure, and are assured.

Driven – We drive growth, and are driven.

Insightful – We seek insight, and are insightful.

Inclusive – We promote inclusivity, and are inclusive.

Strength – We shape stronger people, and are strong.


Brand Discovery

We put a lot of thought into figuring out who TLA’s ideal clients are and how they buy. This is important because it helps us to understand what attracts them, and how we can steer them towards building a high performing team. Once we figured that out, we turned our attention to designing the brand identity. We picked colours and typography to reflect the qualities we wanted to communicate, designed a tone of voice that would be engaging for clients, and built a website that was inviting and easy to use.



During our brand development phase, we learned that TLA’s ideal clients care about various subjects, like self-awareness and good work-life balance, and they pay attention to content specific to effective team building.

Once we understood our target market, we identified three different methods of storytelling that could be used to reach them. Whether it’s through a video series, a podcast, or a blog post, we have a solid foundation for telling a compelling story.



To grow the business and increase sales revenue, TLA’s team wanted a new brand identity that was memorable, timeless, and attractive to their target demographic. 

After extensive market research and psychological profiling, we’ve come up with a complete visual identity design for The Leaders Advisory—everything from logo design, and imagery to colour selection. The goal was to create a new look that is exciting and 


Website Design

The final step of the JAX Branding process was to design and develop TLA’s website. We have collected the necessary digital assets, taking into account the data we have obtained from research and brand goals that promote inclusiveness and a healthy, effective atmosphere at work, and we have created a website that presents the complex dynamics of teamwork in a simple way. Given Tony Walmsley’s experience in professional football, we have made sure that the offer is open to and appeals to sports clubs.



We also created design templates to take the guesswork out of making sales pitches, and other content that needs to impress an audience. 


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Business Branding © 2021 JAX Branding

Creative Direction & Design: Jack Bies

Copywriting: Sam Hudspith

Graphic Design: Inna Rischikovets & Artem Gonchar

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