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Football Branding for Fit4Foot, Anderlecht, Belgium

About the Brand

Belgium-based Fit4Foot is a community of positive and approachable, active people who care deeply about sports nutrition and physical performance.

The company’s goal is to train the youngsters of FIFA’s top-ranking footballing nation to help them reach their full potential. For years, many people have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the success the Belgian national team has experienced possible; their position in the footballing world is no coincidence!

Among them is Xavier Ericx or, as everyone calls him, Coach Xavi, the founder of Fit4Foot. A specialist in physical performance and nutrition, Coach Xavi works individually with footballers and young Belgian players who the biggest clubs in the world will soon want.

The Challenge

The problem we focused on is helping footballers who get injured during the season and cannot play at their top level at the most important moments. Our research showed that diet and proper preparation for games provide some players with long periods without any injuries. Now is the time to spread this knowledge and use it for the benefit of the players.

Services provided:

• Brand Workshop

• Creative Direction

• Business Consultancy

• Logo Design

• Graphic Design

• Copywriting


Football Brand Design

Football Branding

Football Design

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We have created a brand that is easily recognisable and speaks directly to football players through an effective brand strategy and action plan.

Due to our knowledge of the world of sport, we quickly established an ideal customer profile and core values. On this basis, we prepared Style boards that visually corresponded to our arrangements, then crafted the messaging, designed the logo and created templates for future use.

Scope of the Project

Brand Workshop
Creative Direction
Business Consultancy
Logo Design
Content Strategy

The Story

With Xavi delivering results at several top Belgian clubs and being invited to multiple high level football camps, the demand for his services has also increased. This has given birth to his Brand – Fit4Foot. JAX Branding was initially approached to gain vision clarity, strategise ideas to attract clients, design a striking logo, and design systems to turn words into actions.


Getting the foundations right for a new brand is crucial to its future success. After a quick chat with Xavi and fully understanding the needs of this exciting movement, we knew JAX Branding would be the right fit for the job. From the brand workshop, we learned what systems we needed to apply to nurture new members in the best way. Next, we started working on football branding and tactics with the goal of serving footballers and making them happier and healthier people. 

We had many insightful and exciting discussions and decided that the brand messaging for Fit4Foot that would inspire athletes to look closer at their diet and productivity would be ‘Reinvent Yourself: Master your performance. Win your season. ‘

The New

Fit4Foot’s brand messaging has been crafted to focus on improving physical performance to master the season. The many moving parts in football inspired the Rubik’s cube idea behind the logo. To match the vibe of the Fit4Foot community, the visual direction is vigorous, exciting, and modern. Dynamic shapes and strong colours give the entire visual identity the confidence and energy the brand needs to attract new members successfully.

We at JAX Branding love to work with football brands and are proud to work with such positive, impactful people like Coach Xavi. We are grateful for being a small part of their journey. Fit for Football. Fit for Life.


We sat down with Coach Xavi to discuss his vision for Fit4Foot and hear his professional football stories and experiences that allow him to be an expert in keeping players fit.

Client testimonial


See below for examples of how the new football branding has been applied to marketing literature, promotional items, signage, branded clothing and a host of other materials.


Brand Style

There’s no denying that as important as performing on the pitch is making healthy choices every day. That’s why Fit4Foot represents the lifestyle of being both fit and aware of your body. 

We communicate this with bright colours, bold typography and positive imagery.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide footballers with the tools to treat their body as a sport system and assist them in improving its performance.


Vision Statement

To provide the healthiest and injury free players to every club and national team.


Core Values

Inspiring, Open minded, Knowledgable, Good vibes, Part of something bigger


Brand Discovery

A lot of thought has gone into figuring out how best to help athletes avoid injuries. We understand that these clients are looking for practical solutions that inspire and motivate action.

We designed Fit4Foot’s brand identity with these characteristics in mind. The colours we chose reflect the qualities of optimism, energy, health, and growth and refer to the Belgian heritage that was very important to the client. The primary typeface is a modern slab-serif that shows the company’s forward-thinking approach. And the tone of voice we’ve chosen is uplifting and engaging—it’s meant to make clients feel like a good friend is talking to them.


Brand Messaging

Coming from a football background, we understood the importance of producing copy that is easily understood globally. Sports clubs are multi-cultural and simple, clear communication is essential. The goal was to create a series of slogans to be used in various circumstances when creating content.


Business Growth Opportunities

Building consistent branding has played a vital role in achieving easy brand recognition across a variety of applications. Fit4Foot has strong relationships with athletes, football clubs and sports organisations in Europe. Thanks to its involvement in international tournaments and football campuses, the brand has a chance to be promoted in these events.


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Football Branding © 2021 JAX Branding

Creative Direction & Design: Jack Bies

Copywriting: Sam Hudspith

Graphic Design: Inna Rischikovets & Artem Gonchar

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